I sometimes attend game conventions and meetings.  Look for someone over 6'6" ( I used to be 6'7"), middle-aged (I am officially a senior citizen, in fact), overweight (I used to be impressed by 300 pound NFL linemen until I (temporarily) became nearly as large as one), salt-and-peppered and balding, glasses.  

Rick Steeves ([email protected]) has a game meeting at his house on the third Friday of each month, 7 until.  I try to get there most months.

I ordinarily attend Origins and the World Boardgaming Championships, the former to talk to publishers, the latter to talk with the Britannia fans and persuade them to playtest new games.   I probably won't be at Origins this year, but plan to be at WBC.  (Updated April 2010)

I make it to PrezCon in Charlottesville (Feburary) about every other year.

I attend most meetings of the NC State Tabletop Gamers, Thursday evenings, Talley Student Center.  No summer meetings.

And I attend the FTCC Game Club meetings, currently Wednesdays at 3 in room ATC 229.  This changes each semester.  No summer meetings.