Games with productive economies (production cycle), and some comparison games
Lewis Pulsipher
Game Source of resources  Resource collection Resources Used Up Means of Production (also tends to govern where assets are built) Limits on Production (other than availability of  resources and means of production) Resulting Goods ("Assets") (MoDD= Means of Destruction & Defense) Victory Condition
        Board Games      
Risk Territories and Regions (variable) None specified (ownership) None specified None (agriculture) None; accumulation economy Armies (MoDD) Hold all territories
Diplomacy Supply Centers (designated territories) None specified (ownership) None specified: "supplies" Supply centers Supply centers; maintenance economy  (strictly zero-sum) Armies & fleets (MoDD) Hold more than half cupply centers
Axis&Allies Territories (variable) None specified (ownership) IPCs Capitals and Industrial Centers None (piece maximums rarely apply); accumulation economy Units (MoDD), Technology, Industrial Centers Capture cities
Britannia-like games Territories (two types) None specified (ownership) Increase Points None (agriculture) Overpopulation; piece maximums fairly often apply (hybrid economy) Armies (MoDD) Points for specific territories, other objectives
        Video Games      
Warcraft II/III Gold lodes/mines, forests Workers Gold, wood Buildings (factories) Maybe a very large piece limit Units (MoDD), technology, more buildings Destroy all opposition
Supreme Commander Resources in the ground Mines and variations thereof Energy and mass  ACU (armored command unit) and buildings (factories) Maybe a very large piece limit Units (MoDD), technology, more buildings Destroy all opposition
Starcraft Mineral nodes, geyers Mines and variations thereof Minerals and vespene gas Buildings (factories) Maybe a very large piece limit Units (MoDD), technology, more buildings Destroy all opposition
Civilization Land and sea spaces None specified (ownership) Various materials Cities Maybe a very large piece limit Units (MoDD), Technology Destroy all opposition, or reach high technology, or others
Shooters Enemies Pick up "drops" Money Vendors Inventory capacity MoDD, Technology, capabilities Blow things up/kill things/rise in level
Heroes of Might & Magic 2, 3 Towns, mine locations Gold generated by owned towns; others from mines in appropriate locations Gold; later wood, ore, and other materials Buildings in towns Maybe a very large piece limit Variety of units (MoDD), heroes Destroy all opposition
        Commercial non-Wargames      
Settlers of Catan Hexagons (territories)  Randomized Sheep, wool, ore, etc. None None? Roads, towns, etc., many of which are victory points Victory points
Smallworld/Vinci None None None  None Army maximums None Victory points for territores
Carcassonne None None None  None Meeples available None Territories, more or less
Robo Rally None None None  None None None Win the race
Power Grid Fuels available at increasing prices as more are bought Powering cities yields money used to purchase  Appropriate fuels for power plants Power plants (auction); cities (purchase) Three power plants allowed, city network Money, can be converted to Cities Supply power to the most cities when game ends
Puerto Rico Goods produced Sale/shipment of goods = money Money to purchase buildings Buildings, colonists to work the buildings* Time, roles Crops that can be shipped, resulting in money Victory points for shipping goods and constructing buildings
Agricola Varies ("the world") Use actions Resources, money The land Available land, resources, time Food that can be eaten or sold A well-rounded farm
Dominion The pools of cards on the table Play of cards Money, except it is only used temporarily, goes back into deck None Available cards Money, victory points Victory point cards
Hotel Samoa Random appearance of tourists, facilities Pricing auction Tourists ultimately leave Hotel facilities None Money Money at game end
Mafia/Werewolf/Resistance None None None None None None Guess roles
        Other Genres of Games      
Dungeons & Dragons Enemies Pick up "drops" Money Vendors, character skills None Weapons, magic items, capabilities None (rise in levels and capabilities)
Magic:the Gathering*** Deck Draw cards None None None Cards Inflict wounds on opponent
        Traditional Games      
Chess Pawns for promotion Reach the back rank None Promotion - end rank Eliminated piece available Piece that has been eliminated Capture specific opponent piece (King)
Go "The piece supply"   Unlimited pieces None One at a time none Territory controlled
Monopoly "The bank" Pass Go, or get appropriate card Money which pays for properties, buildings Land on a property, auction, bank provides buildings Money and properties (and buildings) available Money Money at end
Checkers checkers Reach the back rank None Kinging - end rank Pieces Stronger piece Wipe out opposition
Tic-Tac-Toe** Common piece supply None X's or O's None One at a time None Three in a row (pattern)
Scrabble** Common piece supply None Letter pieces None Seven tiles None Victory points
Chinese checkers None None None None None None Race
Backgammon None None None None None None Race
Pachesi None None None None None None Race
Other possible assets:
* I list colonists with means of production in Puerto Rico because they are not "used up" the way resources are. Mobility
** there is not  a production cycle in these games because nothing can be altered by players Turn order
*** "lands" could be thought of as short-term means of production Action points