Someone wrote to me about the first of these graphical expositions, and I discovered the others as I looked around the Web site. Generations ARE different, and these graphics (which site their data sources) help illuminate this. I'll also add a report of a recent survey.

Instant gratification

Millennials and work

Meet the Millennial generation

Millennials Are More 'Generation Me' Than 'Generation We,' Study Finds


Are Video Games Turning Us Into a Nation of Losers?  recent work, last revised 9 Feb 06.

Why has the Gaming Hobby Changed?  Recent work.  Last revised 9 February 06.  This article has generated a strong response. I received several e-mails telling me how accurate it seemed to be. And some bloggers vituperatively trashed it, though they did not have the courtesy to let me know they were doing so--I have just stumbled onto some of this. Where I come from, if you want to arrive at the truth, you discuss something; shooting your mouth off where the target won't even know about it is a form of cowardice.