There are two purposes here.

First, I contemplate writing two game design books, one aimed at the commercial marker, the other at the educational market.  If I get going with this I'll post some material here.

Second, I am surprised at the lack of adult educational games (as opposed to children's games).  I've talked with someone who has used Britannia to teach history, but Britannia is not intended to be educational; in the sense of "usable for education", there are many educational games, but I don't see many that were designed first to be educational, second to be entertainment.

Of course, there's a "serious games" group in academia and government, but those serious games are very expensive, and often not entertaining at all.

At any rate, I intend, when time allows, to try to design some educational games about computing, e.g. computer networking.  Any further thoughts I have will appear here.