Small Changes You Can Make to Each Color to Change Play Balance in Brit 2

Copyright 2006 Lewis Pulsipher

Different groups play Britannia with different playing styles, often resulting in one side (color) doing less well than is normally the case. If, in your Britannia games, one side seems to be weaker than the others, here are historically-based changes that can help that side a little bit:

Blue: Pict leader Brude mac Bili in Round IX. (reigned 672-93)

Green: Welsh Leader Cadwallon in Round VIII. (r. 625-34)


Welsh Leader Rhodri Mawr in Round XI (or could be Round XII). (r. 844-877)

Red: Give the Saxons double increase points in Round XII (this represents another effect of Alfred, a monarch who truly deserved the name "The Great").


In Round XII let the Saxons build up to eight Burhs regardless of how many areas they possess (but still only one Burh per area).

Yellow: Scots Leader Kenneth McAlpin in Round XI. (r. 840-58)



If you feel that one color is too strong, try the following:

Blue: The Angles to not get their leader Ida in Round VII.

Green: Danes do not get their leader Ivar/Halfdan in Round XII.

Red: the Irish get no reinforcing army at sea in Round IX.


Saxons do not get their leader Egbert in Round XI.

You have the opportunity to use the Saxon-Jute move order as a small balancing factor in four-player games: if green tends to do better than red in your games, have the Jutes play before the Saxons; if red tends to do better than green, the Jutes should move after the Saxons.

Yellow: Reduce the Roman invasion strength to 15 instead of 16.


Dubliners do not get their leader Olaf Guthfrithson in Round XIII.

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