"Making an 80% game is very easy. A lot of games that are out there are just 80% finished. With more testing the game could be more elegant and the last 20% takes a lot of time. That's the difficult part."  Reiner Knizia (makes over a $1M annually as freelance designer)

"No one sells on paper anymore unless they've got a track record of hits, and sometimes not even then - because the truth is, a game isn't really a game until someone is playing it."  Erin Hoffman, Escapist magazine

"You don't need to worry about your idea being stolen, because even if someone did steal your idea, they'd still have to sell, build, tune and ship it, at which point it would be a completely different idea arrived upon through the development process than where they began.

But if you still aren't convinced, the other reason no one will ever steal your game idea is that no one really wants to work on any game except his or her own. . .

This is why you need about half a million dollars to even start to get a studio's attention in executing your own idea. You're paying for them not to work on their own projects - and that is, and always should be, very, very expensive." Erin Hoffman, Escapist

"Creativity isn't dead, it's just not rewarded."   kagebutsu on kotaku

"Creativity isn't dead. It's just under-funded."   ryosen on Kotaku